Altair Chimica is the only membrane plant in Europe really granting 0 Mercury since built on green field.

Due to the nature of the products manufactured using derivatives of the electrolysis, there is potential risk for elevated mercury levels on land, in water, and even on people. As a consequence, it's extremely necessary for Altair Chimica to guarantee the maximum purity and granting to the market a product in which the Mercury is completely absent.

This sensibility towards environment, efficency, production, long-term strategy is demonstrated also by the start up in 2012 of the cogeneration plant (4,5 MW) which gave Altair Chimica the possibility of producing 1/3 of its energy consumption by itself and to increase its presence in the International markets.

As a commitment to sustainability Altair Chimica has joined also the Responsible Care Program.

Environment Certificate EMAS